Who We Are


Quick Link Recruiting - (QLR) is an extension of MVP Sports Camps, LLC; and serves as a database resource for college recruiters in search of top talent at key positions in multiple sports.

QLR will routinely share updated versions of the Player Profile database with NCAA recruiters - providing a regular supply of showcased talent that can be easily viewed, sorted and downloaded.

A recruiter simply selects a sport, filters by position, and is presented a short-list of high-potential recruits. But, what truly separates QLR from other recruiting tools, is the "Quick Link" option that provides the recruiter direct access to each Player Profile.

Here, an array of video, photo and stats can be viewed and/or downloaded with a single "click". This takes the recruiting process to a whole different level - saving the recruiter time and expense while increasing visibility and exposure of prospective athletes.

Most will agree, the key to playing sports at the college level is talent and experience. QLR simply enhances visibility in a highly competitive market.

Once we are up and running, feel free to join the MVP Sports Camps family and help us deliver world-class sports training - providing growth and increased exposure to prospective athletes in search of a college scholarship.

We’ll soon be breaking ground and will be looking for experienced coaches with a passion for teaching. We take pride in our coaching prowess, and will staff only the best.

Here are a few qualities we’ll be looking for:


  • Christian Faith

  • Experience at the high school or college level

  • Ability to motivate and inspire

  • Strong Communication Skills (oral and written)

  • Ability to travel.


Our History

​​MVP Sports Camps, LLC is the first Florida based Sports Camp to combine Youth Sports Camps, Player Profiles and College Recruiting into one single program.

2018: Establised MVP Sports Camps, LLC

2019: Established Quick Link Recruiting, DBA

2020: Web-Site On-Line

2021: Recruitment of Team Florida

2021: Launch / Marketing of Camps

2022: QLR free "sign-up" Campaign

2022: Release of MVP Sports Camps Schedules

* 2022: First 12 and Under "prototype" AAR Camp

* 2022: First 13 and Over "prototype"AAR Combine

* 2023: First Punt, Pass, Kick and Throw Clinic

* 2023: First MVP Summer Camp - 12 and Under